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Golf Tips from the Pros

by Vince Cali, PGA Master Professional

Pitching Over Traps
Pitching over trapHere is some more Golf Instruction and Tips - One day I was giving a playing lesson. My student was an average 95 shooter who wanted to know some helpful hints on how to lower his score by using good strategy on the course. After several holes I noticed that every time he tried to pitch his ball over a trap he would either put the ball in the trap or skull it over the green. However, on his pitches with no traps in front of him he would hit fine shots.

This is a very common problem with the average golfer. Put a little sand in front of them and they tense up. In my student's case the solution was simple. I noticed that on the shots with no sand in front of him he would look up on the green: pick a point to land his ball, address his ball, and while addressing the ball his eyes would look up occasionally to the spot he picked on the green. When he hit his shot the ball would land around that spot. But, when he had sand in front of him he would not look at the spot on the green. Instead, his eyes kept looking at the edge of the trap.

I solved his problem by having him treat the pitch over the trap in the same manner as the pitch with no sand. Just pick the point that you want the ball to land and try to hit the ball there. Guess what? It worked for him and it might work for you too.

Vince Cali
PGA Master Professional


About Vince CaliVince Cali
One of the Nation's Leading Golf Teachers

  • PGA Master Professional
    153rd PGA Master Professional

  • Teacher of the Year
    1990 N. Florida PGA Teacher of the Year
    1990 PGA Chapter Teacher of the Year

  • Author
    Over 140 published articles on golf instruction
    Several Manuals
    Soon to be released the Swing Method Video

  • Developed the Swing Method
    A very easy way to play better golf

  • Teaching for 29 years
    Teaching at all levels of golf from beginner to professionals. Taught at several prestigious schools including the Arnold Palmer Golf Academy and the Concord Hotel Golf School. Specializes in the Business Golfer.

  • Thousands and thousands of Golfers have learned to play better golf from Vince. You should be next.

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